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🚒Firefighter Extinguish🔥Fire DIY Math Gross Motor Game

Adrian has been fascinated with firetrucks, firefighters and everything red, so today, we are playing this fun DIY gross motor game: "Let's extinguish the fire and save the Paw Patrol Marshall puppy!"


You will need some recycled stackable cups and a ball. (Accessories are optional.)

First, children would take turns counting how many cups are stacked up. Then, each would attempt to knock down as many cups as possible and Julia would write a subtraction equation. Finally, they would count how many cups are left standing and that "difference" would be written on a paper pad.   


"Ready, set, go!"

What can be better than 🎳 bowling? Rescuing Paw Patrol 🐶puppy from the 🔥 fire as 🚒a Fire Chief Marshall of course!  The 🚒Fire Chief costume Adrian is wearing includes a jacket, helmet, badge, fire extinguisher, bullhorn, and a reusable name tag. And the bullhorn makes a realistic siren sound effect, which is awesome to practice fire drills!


The 🏆winner is who has the least score! During this super fun DIY game, children got to exercise their muscles, develop gross motor skills and learn addition and subtraction along with number fact families, and most importantly, they had a blast! 

For more on Fire studies, see here 🔥Fire Safety Unit Study.

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