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🐦Bird 🌈Matching Montessori Sensorial Color Tablets

Children have been enjoying seeing all the colorful birds in our backyard, and today, we are doing the color matching activity by matching various 🐦birds (exotic and backyard) to the Montessori 🌈Color Tablets.


Your child will learn colors and shades as well as names of birds, exercise hand-eye coordination and develop fine motor control.


We are using Montessori color tablets box 3, which is divided into nine sections, containing seven shades of each of the nine different colors: red, blue, yellow, green, purple, orange, brown, pink and greyWith smaller children, begin by taking three contrasting shades from any one color and introduce the language such as darkest ~ lightest ~in the middle. 


Invite your child to grade tablets from dark to light and match the colors of the birds to them


You can also talk about warm and cool colors as well as complementary colors.  


Red and green colors are called "complementary" because they make each other stand out more when laid next to each other. 

This Montessori Sensorial color sorting activity develops hand-eye coordination, expands vocabulary and develops patience, precision and attention to details. DSC_0065 BirdsWe are also using birds of North Amerca flashcards to match to two color tablets, representing each bird.


Montessori materials can be expensive, so this is an easy DIY replacement to Montessori color tables.  All you need is color samples from your local hardware store to use them as Montessori color tablets and match them to the colors of the birds.  

This sensorial birds color matching activity is a perfect introduction to birds study, as your child carefully examines birds, its colors and characteristics while matching them to Montessori color tables or DIY paint sample. 


See here our entire 🐦Bird Themed Unit Study.

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