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Pierre-Auguste Renoir ☔Umbrellas Project Color Tones ~ Introducing The 🌎World's Greatest 🎨Artists ~ Art 🖼History Unit Study

In continuing our Art 🖼History Unit Study, we are learning about one of the most prominent Impressionists ~ a French artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir ~Introducing The 🌎World's Greatest 🎨Artists! 


We will also be reproducing Renoir's umbrella with the project Color Tones. We will be blending shades of blue to recreate a portion of Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s famous "The Umbrellas" masterpiece. The rich colors, blended in graduating shades, will be adding dimension to our painting. 


 Our resources (left to right):

DSC_0003Pierre-Auguste Renoir painted a few very similar painting of girls at the piano ~ here, I offered children to point out the differences between the paintings in the book and the puzzle. We are also using 3-part cards from Welcome To Mommyhood ~ download here


Project ☔Color Tones

DSC_0012Sketch an umbrella outline for your child. Offer different blue paints and white paint to create graduating shades of blue. We are also using the Montessori Sensorial Color Tablet Box 1/2/3 to graduate the shades. During the project, we are referring to "The Umbrellas" painting from the book ~ Pierre Auguste Renoir Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists.

DSC_0016Umbrellas by Pierre Auguste Renoir, 1886


Invite your child to create a pallet of shades of blue using and mixing paints and matching them to Montessori Color Tablet Box 1/2/3.

DSC_0016Invite your child to carefully examine the original painting and determine which parts of the umbrella are lighter and which are darker ~ discuss lights, shadows, depth and so on.


I then illustrated to Julia and Adrian how to apply lighter shades of blue, as well as white paint in the middle and darker shades on the sides of the umbrella, to create a three-dimentionsal look. 

DSC_0030 AdrianThen, offer your child to reproduce the Umbrella ~ Adrian's version (3 yo).

Renoir UmbrellaThis Color Tone project allows children to learn about a famous artist hands-on while trying on different painting techniques and learning about color mixing and shades gradation. Bringing art to life is an amazing opportunity for self-expression and the development of creativity while learning the history of art. Most importantly, follow your child and make the artistic learning fun!

For more famous artists~ see here Introducing The 🌎World's Greatest 🎨Artists ~ Art 🖼History Unit Study.

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