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Pierre-Auguste Renoir ☔Umbrellas Project Color Tones ~ Introducing The 🌎World's Greatest 🎨Artists ~ Art 🖼History Unit Study

Paul Klee 🖼Lines Inspired Kids Washi Tape Resist Oil Pastels 🎨Craft ~ Art History Unit Study

This lesson is a part of our Art History Unit Study. Today, we are learning about a famous artist ~ Paul Klee and the techniques he used with this super easy washi masking tape resist art. This art project is perfect for all ages as smaller children can have fun coloring in the shapes (masking tape to the rescue as there is no need to stay exactly within the lines) and older children might enjoy creating intricate designs and coming up with vivid color combinations.  

DSC_0030We are referring to 13 Artists Children Should Know book, featuring the world's greatest painters. The book boasts with illustrations, reproductions, and interesting historical facts and is an excellent introduction for young readers to artists and their works. 
DSC_0027First, offer your child to cover the paper with washi tape, creating different geometrical shapes. Make sure to create a rectangular border first.

 Then, offer your child to color in the shapes using different colors of oil pastels (buy similar here).

DSC_0035Carefully peel off the washi tape and have your child marvel at the emerging masterpiece.

DSC_0032Another great book we love is 13 Art Techniques Children Should Know which is a new book in the 13 Series introducing young readers to a variety of important art techniques. Each technique is explained through some of the world's most recognizable masterpieces. What's the difference between watercolor and gouache, or between a collage and an assemblage? How are frescoes and mosaics made? Why do prints look so different from each other? These questions and others are explored through major works of art in dazzling color reproductions. 

DSC_0027 DSC_0041
Julia's Version  

 Learning about art and art techniques while creating arts and crafts hands-on with your children is a wonderful opportunity to express the creative side while learning about drawing through paintings of famous artists. Also, use this opportunity to discuss complimentary colors  (like red + green; purple + orange and blue + yellow) that make each other stand out more when applied next to each other. Or sneak in a geometry lesson and discuss what shapes have been made by applying washi tape. And, most importantly, follow your child, allowing for plenty of self-expression to help grow a happy and confident artist in the making.

For other arts and crafts inspired by famous artists, see here Introducing The 🌎World's Greatest 🎨Artists ~ Art 🖼History Unit Study.

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