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How To ✂️Make Apple 💻Laptop For Kids From 📦Cardboard

In this technocratic world, what child would not like to have his/her own laptop to be just like Mommy and Daddy?

DSC_0009You can make that wish came true with this super easy DIY from recycled cardboard and aluminum foil.


What you will need:

  • a rectangular piece of recycled cardboard, which you would have to eventually fold in half to give it a laptop feel
  • aluminum foil (I am sure you have it in your kitchen cupboard)
  • a glue stick
  • a ruler
  • a craft knife for cutting your cardboard
  • print out screenshot (just take a picture of your computer screen with your iPhone)
  • a keyboard (print here).

DSC_0029Apply the glue generously to the entire cardboard.

DSC_0029Cover the glue part with aluminum foil.

DSC_0029Flip the cardboard over.

DSC_0029Fold the foil over and glue the edges of the aluminum.

DSC_0011Fold the cardboard in half and glue the screenshot to the top portion and the keyboard (print here) to the bottom. 

DSC_0011Your Kids DIY Laptop is ready!

DSC_0011Show your child how to use the keyboard and have fun!


This is a super fun DIY that your child can totally make himself (except the cutting portion). You can also offer stickers to decorate and personalize each child's laptop. 

DSC_0029This can also be a good opportunity to learn and recognize letters. You can play a game and ask your child to find a particular letter on a keyboard.
DSC_0011My laptop came with an extra Apple sticker, so we stuck it to the front of Adrian's DIY laptop to give it a more realistic look.

DSC_0011It is amazing how much fun kids have with pretend toys that resemble adults version!

Please, leave a comment if you end up making one! This DIY laptop is Adrian's favorite toy now!

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