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3D 🎨Jellyfish 💦Watercolor Hot Glue Texture Raised Salt Painting Process Art

Today, we are exploring painting over glue watercolor technique. When I asked Adrian what he would like to paint, he said a jellyfish.   


What you will need:

DSC_0009You can either use a mist bottle or use a sponge to wet the pad before applying watercolors.

DSC_0009  Draw the desired picture by applying the glue to the pad.

DSC_0009We also like to apply tape to the perimeter of the watercolor pad to create a matting effect of the finished painting.
DSC_0009Wet the watercolor pad: either with a spray bottle, with a sponge or with a paint brush. 
DSC_0009Offer the child to color in the drawing with desired colors. 

DSC_0014We looked at pictures of jellyfishes and found that they can be very colorful with shades of blue, purple, emerald and even pink.

DSC_0014Sprinkle salt while the painting is still wet. 


 We are using Epsom lavender salt so the smell is divine too. 

Salt is a fun tool to use when experimenting with watercolor painting. Salt painting, or salt technique, is very easy to do, and the results can be surprisingly wonderful as there are infinite watercolor effects that are possible when using salt with watercolor.
When using a salt technique, the saturation level of the paper will determine your final outcome. The drier the paper, the less effect the salt will have, as opposed to placing salt on a very wet pigment will result in a lot of movement and color transfer. 
DSC_0022There is a huge array of salts available, and each type will react differently on a pad. Also, what type of paper you use will play an important role. Experiment with different types of salt and different paper and see what appeals to you the most!
DSC_0022These watercolor techniques for kids are exciting and interesting alternatives to basic watercolor painting. Raised glue painting here is similar to the raised salt painting we did in the craft below.

DSC_0165  See here 🐝Goldenrod 🌼Flower DIY Craft Process Art • Oatmeal & Salt 🖌Painting

Whatever technique you choose to employ with your child, make sure you allow plenty of room for self-expression and make it fun!

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