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🐝Goldenrod 🌼Flower DIY Craft Process Art • Oatmeal & Salt 🖌Painting

Inspired by our 🐝Bees Unit Study, today we are painting a Goldenrod flower, which is one of the bees' favorite nectar sources. We are using materials you probably have in your cupboard, along with some watercolors and sprinkles of imagination.


What you will need:

  • Goldenrod 🌼Flower coloring page (download here)
  • oatmeal and salt
  • all-purpose tacky glue
  • watercolor paints (we are using this watercolor artist paint set and these watercolors in tubes).

DSC_0160First, offer your child to color in the background. We are using these paints.
DSC_0155Squeeze some glue over the stem and leaves and cover with salt.DSC_0155Cover the remaining part of the flower with glue.

DSC_0160Cover the stem and leaves with salt. 

DSC_0160Sprinkle oatmeal on the flowering part of the Goldenrod.  Once the salt has dried, color the leaves and the stem. (We used these watercolors in tubes to color over salt.)

DSC_0160Color the oatmeal with a yellow color to resemble the flowering part of the Goldenrod.

DSC_0166This Goldenrod 🌼Flower art can be framed and hang in your child's room, or be part of botany study on parts of the flower. You can also make a birthday card out of it or this can be a perfect Mother's Day or Father's Day gift.

DSC_0166Julia also made tulips art. Download the coloring page here

This is a fun fine motor activity which allows your little one express creativity while coming up with own color combinations. There is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling for children than to be able to creatively express themselves openly and without judgment, and arts and crafts provide a wonderful opportunity for such expression. 

Please, see here our 🐝Bees Unit Study for some awesome hands-on activities and crafts.

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