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Preschool Uses For A ⛳Golf Tee 🔨Hammering Montessori 🙌🏻Practical Life Lesson 💪🏻Gross Motor Game •101 🎥 Series 🎇

This is a Montessori Practical Life lesson on a preschool use of a golf tee, which is an awesome gross motor exercise. Additionally, I will also show you a couple of fun extensions where your child will also exercise fine motor control. 

DSC_0117What you will need:

  • a tray,
  • a little hammer or a little rubber mallet,
  • golf tees,
  • a box filled with non-drying modeling clay: rip the clay apart and mush it in, filling the entire space of the box; offer your child to do this since working with clay is a great hand-muscle control exercise.  

DSC_0120Advise your child to hold the golf tee with two fingers and hammer three times before letting go of the hand.

DSC_0132Then finish hammering until the tee is deep into the clay.

This activity is super fun! To pull the tees out of the molding clay, offer your child to wiggle the tee and work it out by exercising those arm muscles since it might be challenging. Finally, a child would mash the clay all back into the box, making the top smooth, ready for the next use. 

A child can do this activity as many times s/he wants, so have it available on the shelf. Just make sure that this work goes back on its place after the child is finished with it.

Well, since you rummaged through your golf bag to find your tees, I will give you a few extensions you might like: 

DSC_0132 Use a styrofoam block.

DSC_0132Use recycled packing blocks.

DSC_0160 post Under HammeringOffer your child to hammer on wood. See our Earth Day Unit Study here

Also, use a larger foam block or two blocks glued together and offer your child to make shapes: a circle, square, rectangle, triangle – by hammering the tees. You may need to draw shapes onto the block as guides.

Other ExtensionsGolf Tee Poking (instead of Pin Poking): for youngest children who are just starting to work on their pencil grip or if you have a little one and you don't want to have a pin laying on a shelf. 

DSC_0006You would trace a letter with a marker on a hard cardstock first, and present the activity on a tray, the paper layered over a sponge or a mesh rug.

DSC_0256 copy Tee Pocking - Link Letter SeriesPoking with a tee offers a little bit more control. See here our 🔠 Letter Series (Montessori Language).
DSC_0006Offer your child to push down on the lines. Once finished, offer to hold the paper up to the window and have the light go through. More on Letter V here

Another Extension: use a styrofoam block for holding tees and balance small balls, marbles, ping pong balls, Easter eggs, Halloween balls, etc.

DSC_0037See here a 🎥video post  🇺🇸4th of July Inspired ⛳ Golf Tees 🔨Hammering and 🔴⚪️🔵 Ball Balancing DIY Activity (Practical Life 🙌 101 🎥 Series).

DSC_0272See here 🎃Halloween Inspired ⛳️Golf Tee 🔨Hammering • Ball Balancing • 🙌🏻 Practical Life Activity.

This golf tee hammering is a mixture of gross motor and an intro to fine motor activities before your child has acquired a more precise fine motor skill required for beading, collaging and Montessori frames. Before you introducing this tee-hammering, you would start your Practical Life curriculum with:

  • DRY pouring ~ read here DRY Spout Pouring 1:1, and here DRY Pouring 1:2; 
  • Also, see here 🍁Fall 👻Halloween Inspired Tongs Transferring (Montessori 🙌🏻 Practical Life).
  •  then introduce WATER pouring ~see here 💦WET Spout Pouring 1:1, and here 💦WET Pouring 1: 2;
  • moving on to food preparation, scrubbing and cleaning, water play activities like bubble making, nesting boxes and so on. 

I hope you found fun reasons to use your golf tees and enjoyed our PRACTICAL LIFE lesson. 

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