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This year, we decided not to buy Easter decorations, but to make them instead!  If your kids are into messy not-so-messy 🎨 art fun, then crafting these marbled paper Easter Eggs which will make an awesome banner or Easter bunting is a perfect DIY for you!
 What you will need:
  • cutout egg shapes ~ we are using this 110 lb white cardstock (marbled print came out the best with this paper!) and this watercolor paper (we used to make larger eggs), and brown recycled cardstock
  • food coloring ~ we are using this neon 4-pack food color (we have tried acrylic paint and oil paint and they did not work for us)
  • glitter ~ we are using this glitter from 100% non-toxic polyester
  • a fork and a paintbrush
  • scraper tool ~ you can use an old credit card
  • shaving cream or foam
  • a deep tray. 
DSC_0072For an eco-friendly alternative shaving foam, we used this one. To lift the eggs from the shaving foam, we will be using tongs from this set. Lastly, apply a fixative spray to your finished art product to preserve shine and longevity (buy similar here). 


First, cut out your egg shapes. We are using an oval inset from Montessori Metal Insets set. Also, use this opportunity to talk about oval vs ellipse shape with your child: an oval (egg) having a slightly thicker bottom vs an ellipse having two points of symmetry. 


If you are looking for an economic version of the shaving foam ~buy similarly priced shaving cream here (works as good as more expensive ones).

DSC_0050Spray the shaving cream onto a deep tray (you can use a baking tray or this disposable pan) and offer your child to spread the shaving cream around and flatten using a squeegee. Did I mention, this is an awesome sensory experiment!

DSC_0084Let your child decide on the paint colors s/he wants to use for this marbled paper art project and squirt it on top of the shaving cream.

To prepare your art medium, run the fork through it, creating a ridged surface. (Decide whether you want to go horizontally or vertically and stay consistent.)
Then, using a paintbrush's pointy side (or any other pointy tool) start dragging the paint in a circular motion creating a marbled look. Experiment by making circles bigger or smaller and stay consistent until you finish the entire row.
 Proceed similarly with the next row, creating a marbling effect.
Now, take the cutout egg papers and place them on top of the shaving cream. Apply a little pressure to push each down into the shaving cream ~ leave it there for a minute or two. 
Then, lift each egg from the shaving cream with a tweezer or tongs (we are using ones from this set). 
DSC_0084Place the eggs on a recycled paper for a few minutes to absorb even more of the color.  
DSC_0099Using some sort of a scraper tool (we used an old gift card, expired credit cards work too) scrape off the shaving cream, and while the egg is still wet, apply glitter. Then, let it dry.  
To make a new marbled color combination, just squit more color on top of your existing color combination ~ first, we added lilac color to the current red and blue combination.  
DSC_0099Proceed just like with the first batch: run through the shaving cream with the fork first. 
 Create circles, squiggles ~ be creative!
Scrape off the excess shaving cream and watch your marbled masterpiece emerge!
DSC_0101 There can never be too much glitter in our house!

DSC_0099  To start a new color batch, just scrape off the top of the shaving cream (about 1/2 inch).
DSC_0101Green and yellow created a beautiful color combo.
DSC_0101 We then added some purple color on top of green and yellow for the next batch.

DSC_0111-2Once the paint has dried, I sprayed each egg with the sealer (buy similar here).  

DSC_0119Once the eggs are completely dry (in an hour or so), I placed all the eggs under a heavyweight (books work great)  lining the eggs up with paper in between. The weight will straighten your eggs, making them ready to be displayed for Easter. 
Finally, I punched holes and attached a string, making it a perfect Easter Bunting.  
You can also hang these eggs as ornaments on your Easter Tree.
Children had so much fun making these shaving cream marbled paper Easter egg buntings, that we have made enough to hang in each room. 
This was an awesome way to upcycle while creating Easter decorations together and having a wonderful holiday time with the people that matter most! I hope you are having a wonderful Easter Holiday!
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