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🐣Easter Inspired ♻️DIY Egg 🔠Alphabet 🔡 Matching Activity

This is a fun Easter Inspired DIY 🐣Egg Alphabet Matching Activity, where your child will have to color coordinate, match upper to lower case letters and identify the first sound by matching language objects.


If you have some recycled Easter eggs, first, find matching pairs, which have to be identical. Each pair will have an uppercase letter written on the top part of one egg, and the lowercase letter written on the lower part of the second egg from that pair.   

DSC_0014Also, inside each egg, I placed language objects that begin with the letter that is written on the egg. For example, in a pair of eggs that have upper and lower case A , I have placed an ant in one egg and an ax in the other;  B ~ bee, bunny; C~ crab, cork. (We are using an ax and a crab from this Language set.)


We are also using wooden Montessori movable alphabet once the pairs are matched to emphasize the vowels (blue colored) and consonants (red colored).  You may, however, use any letters from a craft store, magnetic or paper printouts for additional matching. 


At the end of the "hunt", the child should have combined the two halves of the eggs into one egg, matching the upper and lower case letters, as well as matching the language objects that begin with that sound.

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