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🌸Spring Flower ♻️Recycled ✂️Craft

Happy first day of 🌸Spring! Are you not sure what to do with all those scraps of paper you have left over from various craft projects? Well, now, you can make a beautiful flower recycled DIY craft, which is also an amazing fine motor exercise. 

DSC_0049Gather the leftover cardstock strips.

DSC_0034Fold the green cardstock to make a stem.

DSC_0027Trace an oval on pink cardstock.

DSC_0034Cut thin strips from the same color cardstock.

DSC_0034Offer your child to glue the ends, making a roll. 

DSC_0034Glue the rolls to the oval cardstock.

DSC_0034Now, to make a leaf, fold the green cardstock and trace a semi-oval.

DSC_0034Glue one end of the leaf to the stem. 

DSC_0034Make another leaf and glue to the other side. 

DSC_0038 To add some glamor, we will be adding glitter to our flower.  

DSC_0041-2Using a clear glue-stick, apply a thin layer and sprinkle some glitter.

DSC_0049-3Happy March 20th! Happy 1st Day of 🌸Spring! 

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