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DIY Mega Blocks Multiplication 1️⃣✖ with LEGO DUPLO Friends

After observing Julia doing multiplication exercises, Adrian expressed an interest, so we have been doing some multiplication work this past month. To illustrate the process concretely, we are using these mega building blocks to introduce the simplest concept ✖ 1️⃣~ one times. 

DSC_0084"Times" ✖ means how many times you repeat ~ add~ that number. E.g. 1 x 3 =1+1+1

DSC_0084I have written simple multiplication equations on pieces of paper as well as their products (answers). Single mega building blocks illustrated 🙌🏻hands-on how to convert 🤔confusing multiplication into simple➕addition work, which is very familiar to Adrian.

DSC_0084In English to "commute" means to travel or to change location. Similarly, in math, the commutative property of multiplication means that two numbers can be multiplied in either order, allowing us to change the places of factors in a product. This means that 1 x 3 = 3 x 1 ~ The product remains the same, despite the factors changing places.

DSC_0084 Our LEGO DUPLO friends help us multiply. (Buy similar figures here.)

DSC_0076Introducing terminology: Factor x Factor = Product

DSC_0084Adrian placed the correct "product" sticker (answer) on its LEGO friend's head. 

DSC_0005-2For more on math & LEGO, see here 🔢Math Simple ➕Addition & ➖Subtractions with LEGO.

DSC_0002For fractions work, see here Learning Fractions with LEGO.

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