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Today, we are freezing clear hydrogels and creating an icy Arctic ❄️Snowy Sensory Bin. For the first time, you can buy this sensory bin through my new Etsy store ~ order here. (5% of profits will be donated to fight global warming.) Limited time ONLY get 10% off your Arctic Set~ shop here

DSC_0318First, grow hydrogels: pour water over dry gel beads and wait for about an hour.
DSC_0318 Wait until hydrogels are fully expanded. 

DSC_0331Put hydrogels in a freezer for a couple of hours: they will change from clear to white as snow!

DSC_0342     I also added glitter styrofoam balls, pom poms, pearl beads, crystals, and glitter.

DSC_0342 We added Arctic figures to learn about them through play.
DSC_0342To make the "ocean" I poured some hot water over the hydrogels, defrosting them.

The result: hours of small world sensorial play. We also learned about the Arctic animals, their diets, and prevalent characteristics.  We talked about Inuits and how their land was restored to them by the Canadian government. Finally, as the ice and hydrogels started to melt, we discussed the global warming and its negative effects on the entire ecosystem. You can PRE-ORDER this sensory bin through my Etsy store ~ buy here. (5% of profits will be donated to fight global warming.)

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