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✂️Scissors 🎥•DIY 🚗Car Wash

Today, Adrian got to practice his scissor skills while making a DIY♻️car wash. All you need is ✂️scissors, cardstock, ruler and a pencil, a ♻️recycled cardboard📦box, and a sprinkle of imagination. 


First, using a rule, Adrian drew straight lines and then he started cutting, making strips.  It is very important to instill the proper scissor grip from the beginning since the longer the child uses an incorrect grip, the more difficult it will be to unlearn such habit.


Just like a proper pencil grip or a pincer grip (holding small items with a thumb and a pointer finger), the proper scissors grip must be actively taught since it is completely unlike any other grips a child has used. The proper scissors grip requires a child to rotate his hand so that the thumb faces up, while the pinky points down. A child has to spread his thumb and pointer finger as far apart as possible while using his palm to help stabilize the scissors. Cutting can be challenging for little ones, and the only way to become comfortable with cutting activity is frequent practice.

DSC_0065Turn the cardboard box upside down and cut out a square for a door and few squares for the windows. After Adrian finished cutting straight lines, he wrote "CAR WASH" and glued the paper with cut-strips to the cardboard box.

DSC_0067The car wash is open for business!
DSC_0067This DIY toy offered hours of practical pretend play ~ we all like our cars cleaned, don't we?


 Do you make DIY toys with your children?

DSC_0069.JPG   A trick to learn a proper scissors grip~ offer a child to shake someone’s hand! 

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