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🎂Happy Birthday Claude Monet • Impressionism Inspired 🌸Irises in Monet's Garden 🎨 Art Project

Happy 🎂Birthday, Claude Monet! Among the greatest of the Impressionists, French painter Oscar-Claude Monet (born November 14, 1840 -1926) was the artist whose painting Impression: Sunrise (1872) gave the Impressionist art movement its name. Monet brought the art of painting out-of-doors so that artists could record their impressions directly from nature, attempting to recreate the effect of light and shifting color. Monet wanted to record that fleeting impression of a particular moment since colors change according to the light: a gray day looks very different compared to the bright sunlight, and a cool light of a dawn is very different than a warm light of the evening.  The sparkle of light, dancing colors, the interplay between the sun and shadow were the impressions that Monet hoped to perpetuate.


Our art supplies:

  • oil paints (buy a set of 24 Pigmented Oil Paint Colors here);
  •  38 piece art paintbrushes set (buy here);
  • 13-Piece Oil Painting Set that comes with a wooden easel, two canvas panels, oil paint set, wooden palette and three paintbrushes (buy here);
  • extra 8 x10 canvas panels (buy here);
  • The Impressionists book (buy here) is a great introduction to Impressionism, presenting the favorite themes of the most distinguished impressionist artists such as Claude Monet, Degas, Renoir, Sisley, Van Gogh and others. Transparent overlay pages reveal hidden surprises and add a twist to a traditional reading.

DSC_0041  We are using this reproduction "Irises in Monet's Garden" print as a project inspiration.


Impressionists created the impasto effect by placing a large amount of paint on their brush and painting with a series of shorter uni-directional brush strokes. The impasto painting technique eliminates distinctive lines and refers to the thick application of paint (usually oil paint) making the painting look textured and opaque. Thus, when dried, the paint looks as though it is coming off the canvas. With the impasto technique, brush strokes are visible, and the paint is often laid out on the entire canvas very thickly right from the start of the painting process. (Dunstan, 1983.)

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