🍁Fall Inspired Natural Play Dough 🍪Cookie Cutter DIY Craft
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🌻Fall Harvest Inspired 🍡Popsicles 🌾Scarecrow DIY Craft

Crafts are an amazing activity to bring the family together and express creativity. Hands-on crafts also promote the development of muscles in the hands and fingers, improving fine motor skills which are essential in early formative years. Moreover, crafting encourages critical visual-processing skills such as pattern recognition, detecting of spatial rotation and sequences. Lastly, problem-solving skills are developed as a child often has to determine the steps needed to bring the desired craft-project to life. Holiday crafts are especially fun since they bring the sense of excitement while children enjoy using themed materials. Today, we are making a friendly Harvest Inspired Popsicles Scarecrow. 


What you will need:

  • ♻️ recycled 🍡 popsicle sticks,
  • orange paint (we are using this one),
  • 👀 googly eyes,
  • pom-poms,
  • red pipe-cleaner for the mouth,
  • hay,
  • a glue gun.

DSC_0295Secure the popsicles by gluing two horizontal popsicle sticks to the back.
DSC_0295Flip the craft over, and glue one stick on the angle to define a hat & paint it orange.
DSC_0295Using a glue gun, secure eyes, nose, and a mouth. 
DSC_0295Using a black sharpy, draw stitches.
DSC_0295Adrian suggested gluing one stick to the back to make the scarecrow stand up like a picture frame. 

Our friendly scarecrow is ready! Happy Fall everyone and Happy Harvest!

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