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🌼Nature 🌲🍂 Objects & Pom-Poms Process 🎨 Art (101 🎥 Series)

We love process art and the opportunity for combining sensory movement with art. In process art, not the destination (the end 🖼product of art) is the principal focus, but rather the 🛣road the child takes- the "process" of the formation of art: such as gathering, sorting, matching, associating, patterning, and other initiations of actions and proceedings. There are no rules to follow, no steps to take: just YOU and the PROCESS!


So, for our 🍂nature-inspired project, children collected pine cones, fern, moss, leaves, dandelions and other treasures they have found during their nature walks to use during their creative process

DSC_0196We are using these vivid washable finger paints. 

DSC_0196Colored clothespins are to be paired with color-matching pom-poms. DSC_0196This is a fun sensorial way to practice color matching while exercising fine-motor control.

DSC_0196Children are free to choose any medium, and there are no set rules for the process!

DSC_0200Using pine cones to create textured prints.

DSC_0200Process art is concerned with the actual doing of the work of art: seeing the art as a pure artistic expression.


Your child's imagination is the limit as to the process and the end result!

Process art is an open-ended art. Children are free to express their creativity without trying to make something exactly like a sample product. Also, there are no real directions! Process art allows children to explore and create freely; naturally and effortlessly bringing up creative little artists in them. Also, because there are no set goals, children can repeat the same project many times, creating different end products each time, without ever perceiving the art project "old" or redundant.

DSC_0196Adrian's version of his process art.
DSC_0200Julia's version of her process art.

DSC_0234And a finger painting finale!

Process art often entails innovativeness, inherent motivation, and personality. Therefore, art is viewed as a creative journey or process, rather than as a deliverable or end product. Enjoy the PROCESS and have 🤗fun while exploring your 🎨artistic expression!

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