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Shaving Foam and 💧Water 🌈 Beads 🙌🏻Sensory Play (Sensorial 🖐️👀👂👅👃 Activities 101 🎥 Series 🎇)

Sensory play is extremely important for children, where they get to explore different mediums such as water, sand, play dough, rice, etc., while stimulating various senses, triggering neuron connectivity and learning through play in the process. Today, we are exploring shaving foam and hydrogels (water beads).  

DSC_0119We are using a 12-pack water beads combo (buy here). Just add water and watch them grow! (See a video of water beads growing here "Sensory Exploration with Hydro Gel ❤️️ Water Beads (Science 🔬⚗️⚖️ 101 🎥Series 🎇)."

DSC_0119First, children added food coloring to the shaving foam. 

DSC_0121In about an hour, hydrogels fully expanded, ready to be added to the foamy mix. 

 Through this sensory play exploration a child is stimulating:

  • the tactile sense of🖐🏻touch by manipulating different feelers and by feeling the texture of the foam and gel beads,
  • the visual sense of 👀 sight by discriminating the colorful rainbow array,
  • the olfactory sense of 👃🏻smell (the shaving foam's fragrance permeated the space),
  • the only sense that was omitted, was the sense of 👅 taste (neither of the fillers are edible).  

DSC_0119We ended up with a beautiful foamy array of rainbow colors and different textures. 

During the sensorial work, a child, what Dr. Maria Montessori called:  a "sensorial explorer,"  is able to concentrate on the refinement of all the senses, from visual to stereognostic. Manipulation of different textures and fillers triggers sensory stimulation, which strengthens neuron-connectivity and spurs neuroplasticity (the production of new connections between neurons and new neurons themselves), which in turn increases brain's agility. Also, with sensory bins, the cleanup is minimal since everything is contained in a tray, tub, tin, box, or any other container.

DSC_0135 Sensory play is definitely a favorite here!

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