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Pixel Art Fusible Craft Beads for Children

This fusible beads craft is currently the most popular form of art with both Julia and Adrian. These tiny hollow beads require precise fine-motor control and extreme carefulness as with the slightest movement of the craft-board, the beads fly all over since they do not stick together until they are fused with the iron! Invite your child to use own creativity to bring pixel art to life or offer a pattern from a Pixel Craft book (buy here).

 DSC_0004Beads craft is also great for groups, encouraging children to share their design ideas.


We are using IKEA fusible beads (buy here) or buy USA food-safe plastic beads here. Buy tweezers here and geoboard set here or animal/flower shape boards here

 DSC_0004With this pixel art, the child develops fine-motor control and hand-eye coordination.

DSC_0004These beads are also great to practice math skills for sorting, patterning, and counting. 

DSC_0004A child would arrange beads in a pattern on a pegboard, creating own design.

Next, to fuse the beads together, you would place a thin see-through ironing paper (comes with a pegboard-buy here ) on top of the beads to prevent the beads from melting onto the iron. 

DSC_0004Make sure that the iron is not too hot, & iron just enough to fuse the edges of beads together.

DSC_0028Once ironed, carefully peel the beads from the pegboard.

DSC_0032  With these beads, a child brings the tiny world of pixel art to life! 

DSC_0032The back of fused beads. 

DSC_0031Pixel beads are a fun and inexpensive craft. Besides developing fine-motor control, these beads also help teach coordination skills, color names and basic counting.

DSC_0007Julia made a flower for her pretend play.
DSC_0007She would plant it, water it, and take her dolls for a walk in the park.

Fused BeadsDSC_0104How about making a picture frame!

What else to do with these piny hollow beads? Offer a child to color sort the beads using a cupcake or a muffin pan, count them, or use these tiny beads for the estimation jar with older children. And, let your child explore their creativity and express their artistic side by bringing pixel art to life!

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