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Sensory Exploration with Hydro Gel ❤️️ Water Beads (Science 🔬⚗️⚖️ 101 🎥Series 🎇)

Have you ever "made" hydro gel beads? These beads expand within an hour a hundred times their size with no other magic but water!  


All you need is red hydro gels (buy here), water, and patience. In less than an hour, the beads are fully expandable, providing your child with countless hours of opportunity to play and explore. 

 As you can see, within 45 minutes, the beads started to pop from the top and roll all over!
DSC_001340 minutes after adding water. 


Tactile sensory stimulation involves the sensation of touch and texture. Exposing children to sensory play helps them develop and refine the use of their senses. These hydro gel beads stimulate both tactile and visual senses, though predominantly stimulating the sense of touch and texture by having a child squish, hold, squeeze, and feel the gel beads while sending multiple signals to the brain and increasing neuroplasticity. Most importantly, these water beads a lot of fun!  

See here how we used these ❤️️ beads in action in our "💉 Inside of the Body Anatomy Unit Study" post. 

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