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💦WET Pouring 1:2 • Montessori 🙌Practical Life Activities •101 🎥 Series🎇

We are continuing our Practical Life 🙌 Activities 101 🎥 Series 🎇 with 💦WET pouring, but this time it is pouring 1:2, where a child will pour from one spouted pitcher into two non-spouted cups, and back. Make sure to introduce this lesson after a child shows confidence in pouring using exclusively spouted pitchers like in 💦WET Spout Pouring 1:1 (see the 🔗link to the📃 post👇below) since you want to assure success to your child.

DSC_0083What you will need:
🔹a tray that is comfortable to take off the shelf and carry to the work-space (you may want to line it with a shelf-liner to prevent any sliding around);
🔹 one large spouted glass pitcher with a wide mouth filled with 💦water (I added 💙 blue coloring);
🔹two NON-spouted glasses or cups or even shallow bowls;
🔹a sponge to wipe any drips or to wipe a tray dry.

💡TIP: Make sure that the spout is large enough since the child will have to pour the water back from NON-spouted glasses into the pitcher, and you want to prevent frustration and assure as much success to your child as possible. 

As you see in this video, Adrian (at 3.5 years old) is still spilling some water while pouring back from non-spouted glasses into the pitcher. However, spills are a natural part of this lesson, triggering reasoning skills as the child will have to realize the cause-and-effect and figure out what to do when something spills, that is wiping the spills thoroughly.  

The pouring below is a little harder since Adrian is using a small non-transparent pitcher: we are actually using a porcelain handle-less creamer (buy here) and tiny 1.5 oz sake cups (buy here). This time, I added green coloring to the water to keep the activity a new twist.

💡TIP: Make sure that you do not have more water than will fit into both cups since the child will have to pour equally into each cup, and you do not what your child to end up with extra water.

"Pour, pour, pour ..."  

This activity is great at refining control of pouring, since the child might have to stop few times while pouring in one cup and then into the other (to prevent water from overflowing from the sides), and then go back and pour more in the first cup (like what Adrian did in this video). Also, some children might have an impulse to just pour the entire pitcher  - and it is totally fine since they can naturally learn how to clean up the work and make everything the way it was so that they can start over again. Cleaning up is a part of the gross-motor control and part of this activity, and it gives them a lot of pride and the sense of accomplishment and success.

For more on pouring, see here "💦WET Spout Pouring 1:1 (Practical Life 🙌 Activities 101 🎥 Series 🎇)."

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