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Have you ever tried painting with salty water? This Process Art activity is super easy and fun to do with your child while exploring physical science on the topic of how the matter changes. This art form also allows your child to express creativity without worrying about the end result, but rather focusing on the process. 


You will need:

  • warm water
  • salt
  • dark construction paper (we are using brown paper so that the white salt picture would stand out)
  • a paintbrush.

 Invite your child to paint a simple picture with the salty water on the construction paper. 

DSC_0026Set your painting aside and let the paper dry.  

DSC_0026Ask your child where did the water go?

Science mystery💡revealed: The warm water disappears because it changes into water vapor. The salt, on the other hand, a solid, remains on the paper and makes your picture stand-out. 

We read about this fun physical science activity in Change It! Solids, Liquids, Gases and You book (buy here), which offers many fun experiments to teach physical science to your child.

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