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DIY Numbers Memory Game 🌈 Color Extension (Montessori 🔢 Math 🎥 Lesson)

Today, we are playing a fun extension to the numbers memory game by incorporating colors into the number-memorization process. This activity is very simple DIY at home: no specialized Montessori material is required. 

DSC_0017What you will need:

  • a box with a lid or a drawstring bag filled with numerals (we are using different colors numbers from this activity),
  • a bowl with different color counters (we are using marbles),
  • an empty basket/bowl for a child to carry the counters from and to.

DSC_0017A child would place a bowl with counters in a different location. Once set up, have the child pick a number from A bag and say it out-loud. Then, leaving the numeral behind, the child while having to remember the numeral just picked, walks to where the bowl with counters is located and gets the exact amount of marbles to bring back. With this extension, a child needs to recall the numeral and the color while walking to and from the bowl with counters. 

Here, Adrian picked blue number eleven, so he had to go and bring back eleven blue marbles.
DSC_0024-2Once the child brings back the counters, count the quantity of marbles to see if what the child brought back matches to the numeral picked in the first place (control-of-error).

DSC_0026Numbers memory game is a fun way to boost memory, reinforce number recognition and quantity to numeral association. This game also provides a child an opportunity for movement!

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