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💦WET Spout Pouring 1:1 (Practical Life 🙌 Activities 101 🎥 Series 🎇)

This is a lesson on WET pouring 1 : 1, where a child will pour water from one spouted pitcher to the other and back. (Identical to our DRY Spout 1:1 pouring lesson- see a link below), but this time using water instead of dry objects like coffee beans, dry pasta or beads.) This lesson should be presented to a child who is already conformable with DRY pouring since you want to assure success with pouring by first giving your child something that is easier to clean up like dry pasta, rather than spilled water.


 What you will need:

  • a tray that is comfortable to take off the shelf and carry to the work-space (you may want to line it with a shelf-liner to prevent any sliding/shifting around; carrying the tray from the shelf to the work-space is part of the lesson, developing gross motor coordination);
  • two identical SPOUTED pitchers;
  • water (I added green coloring to keep it interesting);
  • a sponge for any clean up or to wipe any drips.


 Levels of Difficulty of Introducing 💦WET Pouring 1:1:

  • 📊 EASY: WIDE spouted pitchers;
  • 📊 HARD: SMALL spouted pitchers.

📊 EASY (below) would be using two WIDE spouted pitchers:

We are using a 10-oz 3.6" tall stoneware creamer (buy here) which has a flat bottom, preventing this pitcher from tipping, a generous handle and a large pour spout. A child will hold a pitcher with both hands, pouring from one pitcher and back, carefully wiping any spills with a sponge.

📊 HARD (below) would be using two SMALL spouted pitchers:


This type of pouring is a little harder since pitchers have smaller spouts. Adrian is using a 2.5 oz  2.25" high small glass creamers (buy here), and transparency of the glass adds a new dimension to this activity. 

Again, the child will pour from one small pitcher to the other and back, carefully wiping any spills. See here part II, 💦WET Pouring 1: 2 (Practical Life 🙌 Activities 101 🎥 Series 🎇), where a child will be pouring from one pitcher into two cups and back.

Also, see here "DRY Spout Pouring 1:1 from our Practical Life 🙌 Activities 101 🎥 Series 🎇."

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