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👔 Father's Day🎈Balloon Color-mixing DIY Craft (Sensorial 🖐️👀👂👅👃 Activities 101 🎥 Series 🎇)

This is a fun sensorial Father's Day craft which, besides advancing fine-motor control via the use of a dropper, will also teach your child ❤️💛💙 PRIMARY and SECONDARY colors.

DSC_0021Adrian started by gluing ballon-ribbons and three white cotton pads to a piece of paper. He then added ❤️ red 💛 yellow and 💙 blue coloring to each: creating all three PRIMARY colors.

After Adrian made PRIMARY colors, he made SECONDARY colors by adding the following:

  • he added 💛 yellow to ❤️ red making = ORANGE color;
  • he then added 💙 blue to 💛 yellow= making 💚 green;
  • finally, Adrian added ❤️ red to 💙 blue= making 💜 purple.

DSC_0026Adrian made orange, green, and purple SECONDARY colors. 
DSC_0026Adrian thus learned hands-on how to make secondary colors by mixing the two primary colors.DSC_0076You may also offer a child to mix any 🎨 colors coming up with own color-pallet.DSC_0092-2As a final touch, Adrian added some sparkling glitter and wrote "Love you Dad!"

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