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Learning Fractions with LEGO

LEGO Juniors Demolition Site Building Kit

My children love LEGO! We are happy to find LEGO Juniors level for Adrian since DUPLO does not spark a fire in his eyes any longer and Julia's Friends and Creator series are too hard for him. Juniors level is perfect for Adrian right now at three-and-a-half years old. He was able to follow detailed instructions page-by-page; allocate and count the necessary number of pieces and assemble them correctly. Two hours later, the Demolition Site was up and running (buy here). This set includes a dump truck with tilting open-box bed, digger with front bucket and rotating back arm, and a demolition crane with rotating wrecking ball, plus a building under construction. 


The process of assembling LEGO develops stamina, instills persistence and meticulous attention to details, and fosters independent work. DSC_0087LEGO play also advances the ability to follow detailed and tedious assembly instructions.

DSC_0087Most importantly, LEGO offers the joy of seeing the creation come to life once assembled!


LEGO is also a great tool for developing fine-motor skills as precision is required in assembling the pieces. Moreover, the mental skills of problem solving are being triggered as analytical or logical thinking is inevitably stimulated when a child has to compare, evaluate and select the appropriate pieces, not to mention the large element of creative thinking in solving open problems. I rejoice seeing my child deeply engaged in a concentrated meticulous hands-on work, which can offer so much while captivating him entirely!

See here how we incorporated LEGO pieces to learn about fractions.

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