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👔 Father's Day Craft - 🎥 Magically Appearing 🙈Secret 🖌Message

As a Father's Day gift, children wrote a special secret love message to their Dad. (I knew there is a purpose for a white crayon in our oil pastel crayon set!)


What you need:

  • a white crayon (we are using one from a Giotto Oil Pastels set - buy here);
  • watercolor paint (we are using Art Supply 36 Color Watercolor Artist Paint Set - buy here);
  • a paintbrush (we are using Artify 38 piece Paint Brushes Art Set - buy here);
  • a secret message to write.

A secret invisible message written with the white crayon will magically appear with the application of 🎨 watercolors.

DSC_0008Adrian's secret message: "Love you Dad."
DSC_0008Julia's secret message: "Love you Dad."

This craft activity is also a great writing exercise where a child learns proper tracing directions while writing a secret message. Writing lowercase "a" took a lot of practice, but eventually, Adrian was able to trace it! See here a post "Refining Straight Lines in 🔠 Uppercase Letter-Writing" where Adrian is practicing writing in his KUMON workbook (buy here). 

For more on Father's Day craft ideas see here a video-post "👔 Father's Day🎈Balloon Color-mixing DIY Craft (Sensorial 🖐️👀👂👅👃 Activities 101 🎥 Series 🎇)."  

Also, read here  last year's craft in 👔 Father's Day Craft - "Daddy, I love you 🚀 to the 🌙 moon and back!"

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