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Lacing DIY Geometric Shapes (Montessori Sensorial 🖐️👀👂👅👃 Activities 101 🎥 Series 🎇)

Lacing wooden geometric shapes (buy here or similar here) is a classic Montessori Sensorial activity. This is also an easy DIY activity to make at home with colored heavy-cardstock (buy here), scissors and a hole puncher. You can match the shoelace to the shape or use complimentary (opposite) lace color for a color-pop.   DSC_0069Our wooden shapes (buy here) include a circle, triangle, octagon, hexagon, pentagon, and a square. You would use a geometric shape template to trace it on the paper. You can also laminate the cut-out paper shapes before punching a whole to add durability and thickness to your template. 

As a child works with her/his hands, indirectly developing fine-motor control, s/he is learning the lacing stitch while threading the laces through the pre-punched holes again and again. 


On the left is a paper-template hexagone and on the right is the wooden one.

DSC_0069This material can also be useful for teaching color and shape recognition. 


As a result of this activity, a child learns geometry (shapes of various geometric objects) while developing fine-motor skills in a practical life activity, which is sensorial in nature. 

p.s. Adrian started lacing since he was two-and-a-half. (See here  a post "Lacing Wooden Geometric Shapes Activity.")

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