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DIY 🔴➕🔵Addition With 🍡Craft Sticks, Pegs & Dot Stickers ~ Montessori 🔢 Math 🎥

This is a super easy DIY math counting activity to teach your child simple addition, number recognition and numeral to quantity association. This is also an awesome fine and gross motor exercise as those little fingers would have to open and match the pegs to the craft sticks.  

DSC_0013What you will need:

DSC_0043First, I wrote a simple equation in a numerical format on a craft stick. DSC_0043Control-of-error: a child flips that same craft-stick to confirm the answer by counting dot-stickers which match the numeral format on the other side. 

DSC_0013I wrote six simple equations with matching answers on clothespins.


How to present this lesson: All equations are faced up and the child chooses each equation to solve one by one and matches the correct answer written on a clothespin. (💡TIP: I primed parts of craft sticks with a thin coat of clear nail-polish, so that the marker would not "run" when I write numbers on it.)

 Besides learning basic addition, while reinforcing number recognition, a child is also exercising fine-motor skills by having to match the clothespin with the correct answer to the corresponding craft stick equation.


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