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🎖️Memorial Day - How We Remember

Today, we are paying homage to the🎖️ Memorial Day, a day to show solemn remembrance of the brave Americans who have laid down their lives for the freedom we so cherish.

In the morning, to honor those brave men and women and to make it special for Julia (who is off from school today), Adrian cut some fresh peonies from our garden to decorate the table. He also set the placemats (buy similar here) and utensils (buy here) for their special Memorial Day breakfast.

DSC_0017As a food offering: Adrian washed some berries and served some nuts.


DSC_0017Children also enjoyed hot cacao.
DSC_0017See children's outfits here. 

Julia then read to Adrian a Memorial Day book (buy here), and we talked about the significance of this holiday, during which we pay tribute to those who died serving in the military, while protecting our country, our values and our freedom.

Below are some of the Memorial Day inspired activities.
DSC_0590A math twist to a fine-motor sticker activity. 
DSC_0590Adrian would place the exact amount of gold stars as the number indicates. 

DSC_0528Memorial Day Inspired Pom-Poms Tonging Color Sorting Activity.

DSC_0528Tonging pom-poms using spork tongs (buy here) is a great fine-motor exercise.
DSC_0528Tonging pom-poms using sugar tongs (buy here).
DSC_0528All pom-poms are sorted by color from a lotus dish (buy here) into sake cups (buy here).

DSC_0528Memorial Day colors inspired U.S. Flag Dot-Sticker activity.

DSC_0528Placing dot-stickers on the flag-template requires precision and is a great fine-motor exercise. 


DSC_0590Another great fine-motor exercise is to using a tweezer to sort stars by color.

We love using Holidays as themed unit-studies for our activities, which adds newness, diversity and a spike in interest.  

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