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Letter M (Montessori Language 🔠 Letter Series)

Today, we are exploring letter M. Although Adrian knows all the alphabet letters, in the absence of practice, he will inevitably forget what he had learned since the implementation and application of the learned material will be lacking. So, I try to make it interesting and engaging to keep the enthusiasm going. Adrian really enjoys our Letter Series, especially the Phonetic/Sound Letter Hunt, where he gathers objects around the house beginning with that particular sound. In a Montessori Language curriculum, the letters are not presented by their names, but rather in association with each letter's phonetic sound. Introducing the phonetic sounds of the alphabet is one of the first steps in teaching a child spelling and reading.


"M" is for 👩Mommy (Mother), 💖Montessori, the Month of May, muffin, 🍈melon, 📮mail box with 📩mail, Mozart and 🎶music, ⛰mountains, mat, mop, 🍺mug, Mickey and Minnie, moose, Macaw, 🐒monkey, muskox, mitten, mustache, 👄 mouth, 🌙 moon, mule, marbles, mirror, 👰🏻married, 🗺 map, 💰 money & a marshmallow.

According to Montessori Language curriculum, consonant letters are color-coded pink, so I used pink cardstock (buy here) to print the letter "m" template, and offered Adrian to trace the template with marbles, making letter "m." "M" is for marbles.

DSC_0053"M" is for monkey (buy here).

DSC_0053Tracing lower case cursive sand-paper letter "m" (buy here).   

DSC_0053"M" is for Macaw (colorful parrot/buy here); also Mommy, mirror, mail, & money.

DSC_0070Adrian also pin-poked capital letter "M" with a push-pin (buy here).

Pin-poking teaches a child hand-control, fine-motor strength, proper pencil grip, and concentration. You will need padding such as felt, washcloth or sponge, which will allow the pin to poke through the paper and not into a table. (You can also use a golf-tee with smaller children since it is less sharp.)

DSC_0053Pattern-tracing lower case "m" with neon dot-stickers (link to a free pdf here).

DSC_0053Making letter "M m" with Wikki Stixs. (See a post about Wikki Stix Alphabet Cards here). 
DSC_0053Tracing "M" in a polenta tray adds a sensorial dimension to writing. 

For proper tracing, Adrian is referring to a Wooden Letters Set (buy here), which comes with double-sided control cards, showing proper tracing directions. Also, see here  a video where Adrian is showing "How to Make this Montessori Sensorial ✍️Tracing Tray."

DSC_0070"M" is for mouse, the Moon (buy here), mop, mirror, marshmallow, mountain, & macaw.

See here how Adrian wrote the letter M using a dropper and a LEGO block in a post "Dropper Writing Letter M with LEGO (Language 101 🎥 Series 🎇 Curriculum)."

With a previous "Letter L" (see a post here), Adrian made a Tactile Nature Letter "L" from 🌲 Spruce Tree Needles. Similarly, see here a post 🎥  "Making a Tactile Nature Letter "V" from Dried Flowers" and here a post about exploring "Letter V." 

For more on Alphabet Letters, read here the main post "🔠 Letter Series/Montessori Language" where you will find an introduction to Montessori Language curriculum, as well as other alphabet letters we have been exploring.  

Stay tuned for the next letter ...

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