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Learning About 🐦 Birds with a Wooden Montessori Zoology Puzzle

Did you know that only birds have feathers? That is what makes a bird different from other animals. Feathers, such as soft down keeps the birds warm, while wing feathers allow flight and tail feathers are used for steering. The color of the feathers can be used to hide the bird (camouflage) or to attract a mate.

Non-exclusive bird characteristics:

  • Did you know that birds do not have teeth? Instead of teeth, birds have a bill or a beak, but other animals, like a duck-billed platypus (which is a mammal), also has a bill.
  • Baby birds hatch from eggs, but other animals, like fish, amphibians, reptiles (for example a crocodile), insects and even some mammals, hatch from eggs as well.
  • Birds have wings, but other animals, like insects (such as a butterfly, dragonfly, or a ladybug) and some mammals, have wings too.

DSC_0019An American Robin in our backyard has a close resemblance to our Wooden Bird Puzzle.

DSC_0019This wooden Montessori Zoology Bird puzzle (buy similar here) is perfect for developing  fine-motor control as a child pincer-grips the pegs of the puzzle pieces, while learning the parts of the bird.  

"Only birds have feathers; baby birds hatch from an egg;  ... bird's tail is used for steering."

DSC_0023 A child can also assemble this puzzle on a table, aside from the puzzle board. 

DSC_0019"By-By Robin Birdy!"

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