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🐦Spring Themed Numbers Activity (4 = 🐣🐣🐣🐣)

Spring and 🐣Easter are in the air, and children are excited to start our themed activities which add a fun dimension to the otherwise mundane numbers learning. In a Montessori Math curriculum, in the beginning, a numeral (which is an abstract representation of a quantity) is always accompanied by an actual quantity so that the child can learn to associate the abstract concept of number "4" with a quantity it represents, for example of four 🐣🐣🐣🐣eggs. 

DSC_0011-2To solidify the concept, Adrian is also using traditional Montessori Sandpaper Numbers (buy here), which add a tactile dimension to the activity. As the child traces the number, s/he is indirectly preparing the hand for writing. We are using these number templates available as a free pack from www.LivingMontessoriNow.com. 

On sandpaper numbers, the silhouette of the number is raised and differentiated with the rough sand-paper, offering a child an opportunity to develop a tactile understanding of the number's shape.

DSC_0006-001Although Adrian recognizes numbers visually, he needs to practice writing them. 

Adrian loves using 1 2 3 Count with Me Trace-and-Flip Fun! book. By running a finger along large grooved numbers, a child can explore each shape. Colorful lift-the-flaps on every sturdy page further reinforce easy learning. Each board page features a number (1 through 20) which a child can trace with a finger, along with opening flaps to lift and find a surprise with bright illustrations. 

DSC_0006Placing stickers, while tracing a number's shape, promotes fine motor control and it is fun! Here, Adrian is tracing each number template with sparkly dot stickers. A younger child can use a single color sticker, or offer to choose a multi-color pattern for older children. Adrian chose a two-color-pattern to match the colors of the eggs. 

DSC_0002Matching the quantity of five eggs to the number 5.
DSC_0004-001 Pattern "tracing" Sandpaper 5 with foam Easter Eggs (yellow-pink-purple-blue).

DSC_0019As yet another extension, a child can make numbers from play-dough.

You can use any counters with this activity: bunnies, carrots, birds, flowers, etc. This activity can also be themed almost for any holiday: simply switch eggs for Christmas Trees, or pumpkins, or Valentine's hearts. 

p.s. For more details on Montessori Math curriculum read here a post "Montessori Math Simple ➕ Addition" which gives a summary of What is Montessori Math?

For holiday Easter activities, see here an entire roundup in a post 🐣Easter 🐰Inspired Themed Unit Study.

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