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🐣Easter Decoration Pipe Cleaner Beading Egg Ornament Craft

Are you ready for 🐣Easter? Today, we will be making Easter Tree decorations.

Pipe cleaner beading is one of the favorite crafts amongst my children. This activity is great for developing fine-motor movements as it requires precision while threading the beads on a pipe-cleaner. Beading also promotes concentration and patience (depending on how elaborate the design is), and develops memory (if the child has to remember the pattern), but most importantly, this craft sparks creativity and imagination as the child has to decide what s/he would like to make from pipe-cleaners. Also, problem-solving skills come to play when the implementation of an idea takes place, and the end result emerges. This time, for Easter, Adrian decided to make Easter Eggs to decorate our Easter Tree.

DSC_0020You need pipe-cleaners, beads and a tray to contain the activity. 
DSC_0020Threading promotes fine motor control and develops proper pincer grip.

Coordination of small muscles in hands and fingers leads to strong fine-motor skills, which are essential in completing many essential tasks such as writing, drawing, putting puzzle pieces together, cutting, using a fork or spoon, zipping, buttoning, tying shoelaces and many others. To succeed in performing many of such critical tasks a child needs to have these skills well-developed which is achieved by practice.

DSC_0020 To ignite creativity, offer your child to choose a pattern s/he wants to create. Adrian chose: white-blue-lavender  ~ a three bead pattern.
DSC_0020For a more intricate design, decorate your egg ornament with another beaded pipe-cleaner in the middle.

DSC_0020Our pipe-cleaner Easter 🐣Egg-ornament is ready to be hung!

DSC_0014The other decorations on the tree are Easter foam stickers. See here how Adrian made them.

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