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Earth Day 🌐 Inspired: I Cherish Planet Earth Book📘 with a Matching Game

As the Earth Day is approaching, we are starting our Earth Day Unit study with this beautiful full-color picture book  - "A Love Letter to Our Planet." I Cherish Planet Earth  book (buy here) is about appreciating and preserving nature and our planet. It celebrates Earth’s life and beauty in all its glory. The book contains many affirmations, and it is an inspiration to learn about and care for all life, from the tiniest flower to the greatest forest. 

DSC_0024The book is made from recycled paper, and printed with vegetable oil based ink. 


As a bonus, this book comes with pair-matching game, consisting of 48 pieces which come in a cotton drawstring pouch. Each piece has an affirmation from the book. Because human brain grows through association and repetition, playing this game and repeating these inspiring affirmations, becomes not merely a short-term memory exercise, but a part of long term memory and intent!
DSC_0024For centuries, pair-matching games have been the perfect tool for sharpening concentration and short-term memory in people of all ages. This book combines inspiring visuals with beautiful affirmations, which offer powerful means for creating a lofty, focused mindset.

DSC_0026Children really enjoyed this 💌Love Letter to Our Planet book which is helping them build meaningful understanding, while paying a tribute to all the glory of our 🌎Earth.

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