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🌐Earth Day 2017 Activities Roundup

“The land is where our roots are. The children must be taught to feel and live in harmony with the Earth.”  ~ Dr. Montessori.

April 22nd is 🌐Earth Day! Senator Nekson declared this day a National Holiday so that we can educate our children on the importance of conservation and caring for our environment. There is still so much to be done in terms of reducing pollution, making sure we all live in harmony with every living creature, and conserving our valuable resources.

DSC_0037We began by talking about recycling, upcycling, reusing, reducing, and protecting.

We also read 🌐Earth Day inspired 📚books:

DSC_0024See here a post about I Cherish Planet Earth Book.

I Cherish Planet Earth book (buy here) is about appreciating and preserving nature and our planet. It celebrates Earth’s life and beauty in all its glory. The book contains many affirmations, and it is an inspiration to learn about and care for all life, from the tiniest flower to the greatest forest. The book also comes with matching memory game.

DSC_0005For more books, see here 🌐Earth Day Inspired 📚Books. 

Since children have little experience, they tend to view the world in the present tense. However, when children study nature hands-on, for example by caring for plants, learning answers to questions like "How long does it take for the flower to bloom?" allows them to expand their perspective to include the past, present, and future. Children can then project the Earth into the future and envision possible "futures" based on where we are now. Finally, as children gain love and an understanding of nature, they can project themselves into the future and consider how their actions would help build the future they dream of most. 

IMG_5920From a flower spike to full blooming orchids!

Read here how Adrian takes care of his orchids in Caring for Orchids (Earth 🌐 Day Inspired Montessori Practical Life Activity) post. 

DSC_0026-2 See here a post "Pink Tower - Brown Stairs Extensions" for materials Adrian is working above.

DSC_0026-2 Montessori Materials are wonderful to celebrate 🌐Earth Day!

DSC_0032When Julia was 5 1/2 yo, these were her affirmations.

DSC_0032Julia had also been troubled by the fact that some children still starve in some parts of our world despite the abundances we live in. So, her dream is that all people hold hands, helping and loving each other and that there is plenty of food for everyone. 

DSC_0032She lastly drew her family and pictures of things that can help our planet Earth.

DSC_0032Julia's plea to all children of the Earth.

DSC_0032This was a completely independent craft she Julia with her brother when she was 7.5 yo.
DSC_0032Adrian's Earth Day craft at 3.5 yo.

 Earth Day is also a wonderful opportunity to teach children to collected litter. 

DSC_0183Adrian is 3.5 years old in this picture, collecting litter in our neighborhood. (We barely see any so we had to walk far to find any litter.) 

DSC_0183Since then, it has become our tradition to pick up litter on Earth Day.

Despite global warming, increasing human population and depletion of natural resources, there is so much that has been done already: from conservation legislation to global change of consciousness regarding caring for our planet, to a shift towards renewable sources of energy. "One drop raises the sea!"  I tell my children. So, one person, one child can make a difference, even if at first, such change seems insignificant. Any change will have a cumulative effect if many children learn early on to love and cherish and appreciate our home, our Mother Earth, and respect all living things, from the tiniest flower to a massive humpback whale since we are all interconnected ~ one big family!

Happy 🌐Earth Day! What are your traditions? Please, leave a comment! I love hearing from you!

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