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St. Patrick's Day ☘️ Inspired Learning Space, What is on our shelves, Activities roundup

Happy ☘️ St. Patrick's Day!

Children have been so excitedly anticipating the holiday, and here it is. We learned that on St. Patrick's Day many people give cards or flowers to their family and friends. People also make cookies, cakes and other goodies to share with others. Some people wear green carnations or pin shamrocks to their clothing to celebrate the holiday. People dance Irish jigs and play games. Pipers and fiddlers play Irish tunes. There are green hats everywhere, people are wearing green costumes, green banners are hung on windows ... there is a lot of green - everywhere! People also decorate their houses with shamrocks, a plant with three leaves, looking like a clover. Shamrock ☘️ is a symbol of Saint Patrick as well as of Ireland. 

 We also read few legends about St. Patrick:

  • St. Patrick and the Poison: some people say that a wizard tried to kill St. Patrick by putting poison in his drink. St. Patrick quickly turned it into ice and tossed it from the cup.
  • St. Patrick & his Cloak: it is said that St. Patrick had a friend who borrowed St. Patrick's cloak. This friend was miraculously saved from the fire, without being hurt, by wearing St. Patrick's cloak. 
  • St. Patrick & a Shamrock: St. Patrick used a shamrock to explain to people about the Holy Trinity -  one God in three divine beings: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Growing at his feet was a shamrock, so he used this plant to explain three in one, one stem with three leaves. 
  • St. Patrick & the Fish: each year, on March 17th, fish rise from the sea. They pass before St. Patrick's alter in Ireland and then disappear back into the sea. 
  • St. Patrick & the Sunset: it is said that the sun did not set when St. Patrick died and that is shone in the sky for 12 days and nights.

Below I will show you a sneak peak into our St. Patrick's Day ☘️ Inspired Learning Space, as well as what is on our shelves. The links to all the activities you will find below. 


DSC_0054Here, we have been using St. Patrick's Day symbols instead of spindles for a Traditional Montessori Math Activity "Spindle Box" (read here).  We made 🌈 rainbows from Montessori Color tablets (see below). Also, Adrian reproduced a 🍀 Lucky Four-Leafed Clover pattern on a Montessori 💯  Hundred Board (see a link below). 
DSC_0054On the left: Recycled Toilet Paper Roll☘️ Shamrock Person Craft (see below).  In the middle is our favorite at the moment My First Book 📘 of Baby 🐥 Animals (read a post here). And we used Montessori Knobless Cylinders to make rainbows (see below).
DSC_0054Children love pipe-cleaners beading activities! (See below). We also used golden coins as counters while learning numbers. (Adrian would "trace" each number with a green dot sticker first.) See a similar activity with counters here.


Below, I summarized activities by the curriculum areas.


IMG_5113See here Books 📚 we are reading for St. Patrick's☘️ Day.

Also, please check here my 💖aStore🛍  "Books📚 we love ❤️ reading 📖" under sub-category St. Patrick's Day☘️ Books 📚.


DSC_0038Read here St. Patrick's Day 💚 Inspired:☘️ Shamrock Pipe Cleaners & Beads Craft.


IMG_5123Read here "How NOT to Catch a Leprechaun" with St. Patrick's☘️ Glittery Play Dough & 🔤 Alphabet Beaded Pipe-cleaner 🌈 Rainbow.

Leprechauns are imaginary figures from Irish folklore, the size of a thumb, mischievous but hard-working, earning their gold by making shoes for fairies. Leprechauns like nuts and dandelion tea. They live long lives - 200 years is not even considered of age. And, you can only catch a Leprechaun if you happen to have in a possession a very hard to find 🍀 four-leafed clover. 

IMG_5153 2See here a post St. Patrick's Day☘️ Inspired - 🌈 Rainbows from Montessori Color Boxes (Color tablets) & Knobless Cylinders.

It is said that Leprechauns hide their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. 


IMG_5116 2Read here St. Patrick's Day☘️ Inspired Four-Leafed Lucky Clover 🍀Montessori 💯  Hundred Board. 


DSC_0033Read here how we made these "cute" Recycled Toilet Paper Roll☘️ Shamrock People.

IMG_5175See here St. Patrick's Day Inspired Laminated☘️ Shamrock Puppet Craft.

I would love to know which activity was your favorite during this holiday!

Happy ☘️ St. Patrick's Day!

And, by the way, a Leprechaun ended up visiting us for a quick bite after all. Children were super 😜 excited to see that he ate all the nuts we left out for him and drank some of his favorite ❤️️dandelion 🍵tea, though spilling most of it. He also left gold dusted foot prints 👣 all over and two golden coins. We did not catch him on camera though 😬- leprechauns are quick, shrewd and camera-shy❌📸. 




Have you been 🍀 lucky catching a Leprechaun? 

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