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St. Patrick's Day Inspired Laminated ☘️ Shamrock Puppet Craft

St. Patrick's Day ☘️Inspired 🌈 Rainbows from Montessori Color Boxes & Knobless Cylinders

It is believed that Leprechauns, mischievous and canny, and at the same time hard-working and honest (Leprechaun always keeps his word), hide their pot of 💰 gold at the end of the 🌈 rainbow. So, today, we are making rainbows from Montessori color tablets and knobless cylinders. Adrian had put together all the rainbows, referencing Julia's 🎨 rainbow-chart.

DSC_0152Read here a detailed post about Montessori Color Box 1, 2 & 3.

We are also using Knobless Cylinders (read an introductory post here about this Montessori Sensorial Activity) and read here about Christmas inspired Knobless Cylinders.
DSC_0152Buy Knobless Cylinders here
DSC_0152Buy Montessori Color Boxes (Tablets) here. 

DSC_0152Have you been doing 🌈 rainbows for St. Patrick's Day☘️ with your child? 

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