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St. Patrick's Day☘️ Inspired Four-Leafed Lucky Clover 🍀 on a Montessori 💯 Hundred Board

Today, while stranded home by another unexpected snow storm🌬🌨 (we usually do not get snow in March), we are making a 🍀 lucky four-leafed clover pattern on a Montessori 💯 Hundred Board (buy here). First, I created a 🍀 "four-leafed clover" design on a control chart using foam stickers which I made with this paper-puncher, and then invited Adrian to reproduce the pattern on the Hundred Board itself. 


Before reproducing the pattern, you would invite your child to fill the board with square wooden numbers sequentially from 1 - 100. Montessori 💯 Hundred Board is a traditional math material in a Montessori curriculum, meant to teach numbers 11-99. It consists of a blank board and wooden numbers from 1- 100. The objective is memorization, and an understanding of numbers and their sequence. Also, this material trains the child to work from left to right, top to bottom; while teaching counting and skip counting, number recognition, number sequencing, patterning and much more. An older child might reproduce the order from memory, while a younger one can be offered a control chart for references. 


This activity promotes concentration and fine-motor skills, as Adrian had to be precise while placing lucky clover-stickers on wooden number squares. Also, during the process of having to find the number on the board to cover it with a sticker, skills such as number recognition and placement, memorization and sequencing are being reinforced. 

 What St. Patrick's ☘️Day inspired activities do you enjoy with your child?

Read here Valentine's inspired - ❤️️💗 Heart 💯 Hundred Board (Adrian at 39 months).

p.s. The Hundred Board is generally introduced after a child had mastered Numbers Rods, Sandpaper Numbers, Spindle Boxes, Teen Board and Tens' board. Read about how to present The Hundred Board in this post (Montessori Hundred Board at 36 months).

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