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2nd (of 6) Phonetical Order Set: s r i p (Montessori 🔤 Language)

In a Montessori language curriculum, a child does not learn alphabet letters in an ABC alphabetical order, rather the letters are introduced phonetically (the way they sound) rather than by their name. Phonetical order is proven to be very effective in allowing children to quickly form as many words as possible when learning the letter sounds. There are few orders suggested, and we are following the order suggested in How to Raise an Amazing Child the Montessori Way book by Tim Seldin (buy the book here - a Montessori -beginner must have book.)

You would introduce to a child one set at a time, starting with the first set of letters using the 3🅿️🌠 Three Period Lesson (read about 3🅿️🌠  here). 

First set: c  m  a  t  (read here)

Second set: s  r  i  p

Third set: b  f  o  g 

Fourth set: h  j  u  l

Fifth set: d  w  e  n

Sixth set: k  q  v  x  y  z.

Today, we are working with the second set: s  r  i  p


We are using small letters wooden movable alphabet (buy here) and language objects (buy here).

DSC_0068For letter "s" - seal, starfish, sled, sack, spoon.
DSC_0068For letter "r" - rhinoceros, rabbit, racket, rake.
DSC_0068For letter "i" - ice, igloo, infant.
DSC_0068For letter "p" - pig, penguin, panda.

Read here the third set: b  f  o  g.

Read here the introductory post: Montessori Phonetical Order of presenting ABCs Alphabet letters.

p.s Read more about our Language curriculum in our Letter Series post here

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