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Art Project 🎨 inspired by Claude Monet's Poppy Field Near Argenteuil, 1873 (Light and Colors ❤️️+💚)

In continuing our art-unit study on Claude Monet (read here), today we are 🎨 painting a poppy field, inspired by his Poppy Field Near Argenteuil (1873) painting. For illustration purposes, we are referring to 13 Artists Children Should Know book (buy here) and Picnic with Monet book (buy here). 

DSC_0030I would paint next to Adrian, illustrating to him the steps on my painting, and offering gentle guidance. However, only his hand touched his paintbrush.

DSC_0030Complementary colors like red and green ❤️️+💚     blue and orange 💙+🔶  and yellow and purple 💛+💜 glow ✨even more brilliantly when used together. Claude Monet used these color combinations to his advantage to paint especially radiant pictures.

DSC_0030Impressionists created the impasto effect by placing a large amount of paint on their brush and painting objects with a series of shorter, uni-directional brush strokes. The impasto painting technique eliminates distinctive lines and refers to the thick application of paint (usually oil paint), making the painting look textured and opaque. Thus, when dried, the paint looks as though it is coming off the canvas. With the impasto technique, brush strokes are visible, and the paint is often laid out on the entire canvas very thickly right from the start of the painting process. (Dunstan, 1983.)

DSC_0030 Red❤️️color seems even brighter when surrounded by💚 green!

DSC_0030We are using vivid non-toxic watercolor paints (buy here) and this 38 Pcs art paint brushes set.

The satisfaction of a "quiet" time with my son, when each of us could express creativity, be calm, and be in the moment is immeasurable. It is true mindfulness! Nothing exists but complimentary colors, quick and short brush stokes and thick textured paint application over the entire paper, giving a painting almost a three-dimension feel, just like the Impressionists painted.  

DSC_0063This is my version of Monet's Poppy Field.

Read here the introduction to Claud Monet in Introducing The World's Greatest Artists 🎨 Series post.

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