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Mini Mount ⛰ Rushmore Kids Craft for 🇺🇸Presidents' Day

Mini Mount ⛰ Rushmore is a fun craft for President's day, which can be enjoyed by toddlers and older children. The craft is very easy to set up (no specialized material is required), and it is fun! (What child would not like shiny coins and crayons!)


You will need:

  • a penny, a nickel, a dime, and a quarter,
  • a white paper,
  • blue construction paper (to represent the sky),
  • gray pencil and gray crayon,
  • tape,
  • glue,
  • scissors ✂️,
  • mini Mount Rushmore comes from this miniature replica set (I wrote in details about the set here).

 DSC_0135First, tape your coins onto your white paper in the following order from left to right: a penny, a dime, a nickel, and a quarter ~ facing the Presidents' heads down


Then, flip your paper over and rub your gray pencil over the top of the coins. You will start seeing Presidents' faces appear! (Adrian is using this pencil ~ these grooved slim child-grip triangle pencils are his absolute favorites!)

 DSC_0135Shade the rest of white paper lightly with a crayon. (Adrian is using this oil pastels crayon.)

DSC_0135Cut the white paper into a mountain shape and glue onto a sky-blue paper.

I traced a "mountain" line for Adrian, and he was able to cut the mountain shape following it. 

*Please note that Theodore Roosevelt is the President on the Mount Rushmore. And, on our craft, Franklin D. Roosevelt is the President on a dime. 


Mount Rushmore is a monument in South Dakota that honors four American Presidents who were very important during the first 150 years of American history:

  • George Washington
  • Thomas Jefferson
  • Theodore Roosevelt
  • Abraham Lincoln

From 1927 to 1941, more than 400 people helped to carve the monument. (Gutzon Borglum was the sculptor.) Every day, workers had to climb 506 steps to get to the top! Interestingly, 90% of carvings were done using more than 800 pounds of dynamite. Each Presidents' head is as tall as a six-story building; each nose is 20 feet long and each mouth is 18 feet wide - that is big! 

Happy 🇺🇸Presidents' Day! 

DSC_0131Read here 🇺🇸Presidents' Day 🗽U.S. Landmarks and 🏛Monuments.

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