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Classroom Valentine's Day Gift Ideas (Pipe-cleaner beaded hearts and Heart cookie-cutters)

This year, for Classroom Valentine's gifts, Julia decided to make small hearts from beads and pipe-cleaners. (See Adrian doing this craft here). I encourage hand-made gifts since such activity promotes creativity, patience (she had to make 36!), and develops fine-motor skills. This cannot get any more practical as a Montessori Practical Life activity! 

DSC_0052The clothespin allows to use the heart as a hanging decoration as well.


Below is a Classroom Valentine's Day Gift Idea from last year. We gave out small heart-shape cookie-cutter with a printed recipe, and a personalized tag.

I bought these cookie-cutters from Etsy.

I also printed and included our favorite Vegan Oatmeal Raisin cookie recipe for a sweet Valentine.

I hope you are having a lovely Valentine's week.

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