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Wikki Stix Alphabet Cards

Today, Adrian had fun "making" letters with Wikki Stix (see here), which are non-toxic colorful wax-yarn pieces that can be bent into any shape, stimulating imagination and creativity! The letter-cards provide step-by-step instructions on proper letter tracing, thus establishing a foundation for proper writing. We cut some yarn into smaller pieces, but the yarn can be bent as well. I also laminated the cards after all, for additional durability.

p.s. An update: Wikki Stix(s) do not stick as good to the laminated surface making it frustrating for Adrian to work with. Luckily, I laminated just a handful of cards, and I will leave the rest as is. This is where the practicality wins over aesthetically clean material :)  

DSC_0251No glue, no cleanup, no mess: the yarn-sticks bend easily and adhere to any surface.
DSC_0251Julia had fun making a heart.

DSC_0251Inspired by Julia's heart, Adrian made a letter "B" on his own. 
DSC_0261Lastly, Adrian "wrote" his name with Wikki Stixs.

For more on writing and tracing, see here 👦🏼Adrian's 💙Favorite 📖 Workbooks • Developing ✍🏻️ Fine Motor Skills.

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