Parts of The 🐧Penguin Wooden Montessori 📽️ Puzzle
🎅🏻 North vs 🇦🇶South 🌎Pole 🌬Frozen ❄️Tray 🙌🏻Sensorial Invitation to Explore

🐋🐇🐧Polar Animals Matching 🔖Cards 📽️ Activity

In continuing our unit study on polar ❄️️ regions of the 🌏 Earth, Adrian is matching Polar Animals cards. In the process, he is learning the names of the 🐋🐇🐧 animals, while practicing recognizing written words, and matching labels and a picture to an object.   DSC_0039-2

Below is a 📽️video of Adrian at 39 months matching cards to the animal figurines. 

This lesson is part of our ❄️Polar 🌎Regions Unit Study • 🎅🏻 🇦🇶Land 🌊Water 🌬Air, read about it here

p.s. For more on Montessori Three-Part Cards, read here about matching stages for Montessori 3-Part-Matching 🔖cards.

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