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Red Berries in Snow

Observing 🐾 Animal Tracks in ❄️ Snow • ☃️Winter Inspired Unit Study

We were pleasantly surprised to wake up to a fresh feathery blanket of❄️️snow! 

DSC_0060The sight of falling snow is magical, but the magic continues once snowflakes have landed since the sparkle and glitter are simply amazing once the sun shines on them!  

DSC_0060Snowflakes have a striking hexagonal symmetry and each is unique, offering multitudes of distinct shimmers and flickers!
DSC_0060"Can we go outside?" was the first thing Adrian asked for. And so we did ...DSC_0082We spotted our first animal tracks! What animal might have left them?

Adrian could not wait to make his own tracks.
DSC_0082More animal tracks, however, the falling snow has covered most of it.
DSC_0082These had to be heart-shaped deer's tracks.

Since deer's hind feet tend to step on top of their front tracks leaving distorted and confusing marks, in the snow, they are tough to identify. But Adrian was pretty certain that those were deer's tracks.
DSC_0082White-Tailed Buck (buy here). Both the male deer and doe have a red-brown coat in the summer and a grey one in the winter. 

DSC_0082Buy our forest animals here.

DSC_0068I had never seen a fox that close!

DSC_0082 Badger (buy here), wild rabbit (buy here). 
DSC_0082More tracks: some looked like they are birds' tracks. 

Adrian enjoyed so much spending time outside, being physical and having a purposeful activity! It was a lot of fun looking for traces of animals which otherwise seem elusive. "It is like magic," Adrian said. "Animals walked here before, but we are seeing their tracks now! It is like we are picking at the past!"

DSC_0022See here "Identifying Animal 🐾Tracks in ❄️Snow Dough."

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