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❄️Snow Volcano 🌋Eruption ⚗️Science Experiment For 🏡Indoors and 🌨Outdoors

Today, we are learning about 🌋volcanoes and the science behind its eruption, by conduction a volcano eruption experiment: both 🏡indoors or ☃️outdoors!


First, we learned about volcanoes by reading Flip The Flaps: Planet Earth book (buy here). Children loved how the flaps open while revealing interesting facts such as "Are there volcanoes under the ocean?"

DSC_0107Julia then matched the 3-Part cards and referenced a volcano she sketched a year ago. 

DSC_0107We then read Science Kids: Planet Earth book (see here), which outlined the steps of how to make the volcano erupt. The book suggested using play-dough to build a volcano. We, on the other hand, are using fresh❄️snow due to its current🌨abundance. 

What you will need:
  • a small bottle ~ we are using two vases from a flower arranging activity (buy here),
  • baking soda,
  • a funnel for pouring baking soda into the vases and a little straw to push the baking soda through the funnel,
  • vinegar,
  • food coloring, liquid watercolors, or any other coloring you might have (we are using red, orange, and yellow coloring to replicate the color of lava),
  • *and, of course, "snow"~ grab some ❄️fresh snow from the outside (if you have 🌨some) or, if it is warm and🌞sunny by you, buy some instant snow here, finally 🙌🏻 make snow by mixing 3 cups of white hair conditioner and 1/2 cup of baking soda.

DSC_0107To form a volcano, children packed snow up and around their vases.

DSC_0107Children then added baking soda to their vases (1/2 full). 

DSC_0107Adrian added few drops of red coloring to the vase which now acts as a volcano's core. 
DSC_0107He then poured vinegar to the vase, which has baking soda in it, igniting the chemical process.
DSC_0107An erupting snow volcano in action!
DSC_0107Julia wanted to add yellow color to give lava its glowing orange hue.
DSC_0107Pouring more vinegar. 
DSC_0107Witnessing glowing-orange erupting lava!
DSC_0107Julia and Adrian loved seeing the fizz and touching"lava" without being burned.

Making a snow volcano is such a fun way to play with ❄️snow while exploring the magic of science. Children kept making their volcanoes erupt over and over using different colors by adding more vinegar! It was a true hands-on invitation to explore science! 

DSC_0189Children liked this 🏡 indoors❄️snow 🌋 volcano eruption so much that they decided to bring our volcano experiment outdoors!

DSC_0189Follow the same steps to make a volcanic eruption outside. 

IMG_0116I have written in details about the baking soda-vinegar reaction in a video-post "🌋 Erupting Volcano Science Experiment 🔬 💡⚖️ 101 🎥 Series 🎇" ~ read here ."

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