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✍️Tracing Uppercase Letters at 38 months

I have been asked a lot when did Adrian start to write independently? Well, a month ago, and absolutely spontaneously while scribbling a letter for Santa (see here). Since then, he has been writing everyday, mostly just his name. However, I have noticed that he wants to write more as he frequently asks me how to spell certain words. So, I thought a "right" workbook will allow him practice writing letters correctly. I have looked through many learning materials, and KUMON workbook caught my eye. I like how the book starts with introducing straight lines first (like in letters K, M, W...) before introducing curved lines (like in C, D, B). Naturally, it is much easier for a child to draw a straight line than a curved one, thus encouraging confidence and not frustration. We are starting with Uppercase Letter Workbook, and then will progress to a lowercase one. The instructions tell that a child should start tracing from "the number to the star". If the letter is complicated, like the letter K, a child will have two or more numbers as starting points. 

"From the number to the star."


As always, we love to use our language objects when we learn letters. Here, we have for "K" - a  Kangaroo, for "M" - a Monkey, and for "W" - a Whale.

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