🎅🏻Christmas Inspired • Fill The Ornament 🎄Sensory Bin
Picking up a 🎄Christmas Tree at 🎅🏻 Santa's Workshop

Our 🎄Christmas Inspired Learning Space

A sneak peek into our Christmas-inspired learning space.



20161209-DSC_0618Everything is ready for a Christmas Tree decoration! (Read how Adrian did it here.)


 What is 🔍 on our 🎄Christmas-inspired shelves:

  • Christmas Inspired Candy Canes Pipe Cleaner Craft (read here),
  • Mystery Bag (read here),
  • Smelling activity,
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Activity (read here),
  • Christmas Tee sewing buttons activity,
  • The Mitten Book Activity (read here).

20161211-DSC_0726 Xmas Tree is done copyRead here about Little Blue Truck's Christmas book.
20161209-DSC_0637When I saw all the windows and the light, I knew it will be our learning space:)

20161209-DSC_0671When Adrian saw this bunny at the store, he knew it was his bunny right away.
20161209-DSC_0637Adrian loves using these balancing scales (see the nature-inspired Weighing Activity here).

20161211-DSC_0726 Xmas Tree is done copy-2The Christmas Tree is decorated! (See how Adrian did it here.)

20161211-DSC_0726 Xmas Tree is done copy

Hope you are having a wonderful Holiday Season! 

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