Lacing Jingle Bells on a pipe-cleaner (Christmas-inspired Practical Life Activity)
🎅🏻Christmas Inspired ⛄️Shredded Paper 🙌🏻Sensory Bin with 🔢Math Twist

Christmas Tree 🎄 decorating activity (Montessori Practical Life Activity)

Christmas tree 🎄decorating activity is one of the favorite practical life activities of my children during the holiday season! They have non-fragile decorations to work with, as well as handcrafted ornaments they made themselves, making the entire process even more rewarding. They're able to express their personality during an activity which is safe, requiring minimal supervision.



20161209-DSC_0647Let the decorations begin!

20161209-DSC_0653-2We have these step-stools all over the house (in the kitchen, mudroom, bathroom). Adrian uses them a lot.

20161209-DSC_0647Read here  how Adrian made Candy Canes from Pipe Cleaners.


DSC_0001When Adrian saw this tiny-tiny snowman, he expressed so much affection to it, that Adrian ended up getting it as a gift:)

20161211-DSC_0726 Xmas Tree is done copy-2The Tree is done!

Children are free to take all the decorations down and then redecorate the tree again. However, I am not sure they will:)  You can see more of our Christmas inspired learning space here

Do your children have their own Christmas tree that they can decorate without your supervision?


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